We wanted to post a quick status to let you know that despite our failed kickstarter campaign, we will still be producing the EMP Shield! Our timeline has been pushed to Q1 of 2014. In the meantime we'll be rolling in collapsable ammo-can style handles onto both the 12x12x12 and 16x16x16 enclosures. We'll be posting a few updated renderings soon. Thank you for your support!

Our powder-coated prototypes are in!


Our powder-coated prototype EMP Shields are here! Check our the new album with multiple shots below. Also, we really need help over on the kickstarter project page. We are off to a good start but need a lot more folks to help by claiming a shield for only $99. Without your pledges, Robyn and I will [...]

Our prototype is here!!!!

emp protection

Our first EMP Shield is here! This is what the enclosure looks like when prepped for powder coating. The lid’s gasket is not installed nor the 4cm reinforced corrugated plastic liner. We are so excited to finally have a prototype in our hands. We hope you like it! Here is a pic of the items [...]

The first EMP Shield is off the production line!


This is a huge milestone for us, after months of planning, tweaking, R&D, and obsessing about our shield the first one is off the production line. Here is a pic. The welds still need to be ground smooth and prepped for powder coating but we wanted to share anyhow!

EMP protection liner

faraday cage liner

In order for our shield to provide effective emp protection we need to ensure that none of the objects stored inside the shield touch the interior walls. Details on why devices stored within cannot touch the interior walls can be found on our faraday cage post. The below qualities are what we focused on: Non-conductive [...]

Textured powder coat exterior finish

black powder coat

For our EMP Shield’s exterior finish we wanted something electrically conductive, very durable, yet pleasing to the eye. We’ve explored anodization, powder-coating, rubber and plastic infused coatings, and high-grade exterior paint. Time and time again, we kept coming back to powder coating. The powder used in the process is a mixture of finely ground particles of pigment and [...]